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Our children are our greatest treasure as they are gifts from God. We refuse to treat our kids like an afterthought. We are dedicated to providing our kids with the greatest church experience.  As with all Antioch ministries we seek to nurture knowledge, heal the heart, cultivate creativity and strengthen for service. Every week the kids will be challenged and encouraged in each of these categories. Your children will learn theology, they will learn how to pray, they will learn to develop their creative abilities through the arts, and they will learn to connect with their Father God. 

Through this, we desire to teach our children to worship their Heavenly Father with their head, heart and hands.

We strive to encourage them in their God given talents knowing that each child is a unique and special gift from God.

We also understand the power of unity and partnership. We are committed to partnering with parents in their child’s future. This will provide a solid spiritual foundation upon which parents can train their children in the ways of God.

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