The Upper Room

Our future home.

A Heart for God in the Heart of Riverside.

Stage 1: Permits, Plans, and Prayer

This is where it all begins. We need to get permission to move into the downtown area and to hold services there. Once this is completed, we need to get all of the proper permits that relate to churches.

At this time, we also need to start saving for items like chairs, paint, sound equipment…and the list goes on! There are many expenses that will go into this and we need your help. Please donate what you feel led to give¬†towards the building fund!


Stage 2: Construction and Connection

In this stage the construction crews will be coming in to do what they do best. If any of you have any connections to electricians, plumbers, etc., please let us know. We will also be focused in making connections to the businesses in the area in this stage.

Stage 3: Beautify and Bring

In this stage we will do the final touches for the facility. This is where we will need a lot of help from everyone swinging hammers and painting walls. As we finish up this stage it is time to start bringing people in to experience the love of God!

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